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The logo of Dragon Army.

Dragon Army was one of the numerous armies at Battle School. At one time, Dragon Army had gained the reputation of losing all of its battles, so it soon was discontinued. However, a few years later Colonel Graff assigned Bean to construct a hypothetical army using the Battle School students. Bean, despite knowing every Battle Schooler's dossier by heart, still had to take sometime to decide who to put in, for he knew that the army would be commanded by Ender Wiggin, and become a legend. Bean decided that no one older than Ender should be in the army, but later decided otherwise. After he had chosen 40 students, one last slot was open, so he put in his friend Nikolai Delphiki and submitted the final draft to Dimak.

When Ender first met his army, he was initially shocked to see none of the "veterans" were very experienced. He soon had all of the kids organized into toons right after the first practice. All of the veterans were either toon leaders or seconds. Normally, armies consisted of 4 toon of 10 men, but Ender's army had 5 toons of 8 men.  He figured more toons be better and they could act for themselves. Ender's army soon took advantage of many of their newly-adopted tactics, and proceeded to win every battle they faced, even if these were numerous or in the same day.

After Ender was graduated to Command School, Dragon Army was disbanded and the toon leaders and seconds were sent to command other armies.

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