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This is a Timeline of Events in Ender's Universe. Dates expressed using the Gregorian Calendar are approximate, Starways Calendar dates are also approximate, though are expected to be more accurate than dates expressed in the Gregorian Calendar.

  • 1861-1865 ad American Civil War
  • October 1, 1949 ad Communists take control of China, People's Republic of China founded
  • May 14, 1955 AD Establishment of the first Warsaw Pact
  • July 1, 1991 AD Dissolution of the first Warsaw Pact
  • 2001 ad US invasion of Afghanistan
  • 2003 ad US invasion of Iraq
  • 2xxx ad US troop withdrawal from Middle East and other places (between 2008 ad and circa 2060 ad)
  • 2xxx-2xxx ad Muslim Civil War
  • 2xxx-2xxx ad Nuking of Mecca (between 2008 ad and circa 2060 ad)
  • c. 2050 ad China's Government converts to Democracy
  • 2xxx-2xxx Second Warsaw Pact established
  • c. 2060 ad 1271 bsc
  • c. 2080 ad 1271 bsc
    • Second Formic Invasion
      • Battle of Saturn
      • Sending of Ships to the Formic Worlds
    • Mazer Rackham's relativistic flight
  • prior to 2160 ad 1191 bsc
    • Human population rises. Parents limited by law and custom to two children some nations do not follow it.
  • c. 2160 ad 1191 bsc
  • c. 2171 ad 1180 bsc
    • First Human Ships arrive at Bugger Worlds
    • Destruction of Formic Homeworld and Xenocide
  • c. 2178 ad 1173 bsc
  • c. 2172 ad first human colony ships launched
  • c. 2220 ad first human colony ship arrives at Shakespeare
  • ? AD Starways Congress established as a governing body for the Hundred Worlds
  • 0 sc Calender readjusted to mark the adoption of Starways Code

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