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Han Qing-jao(Gloriously Bright) is a major character in the novel Xenocide, by Orson Scott Card. She is the sixteen-year-old daughter of Han Fei-tzu, a respected leader from the colony world of Path. Qing-jao is named for the poet Li Qingzhao. For example, Qing-jao has to trace woodgrain lines with her eyes whenever she feels that she has displeased the gods.


Han Quin-jao was born to the godspoken Han Fei-tzu and Han Jiang-qing. At the age of four, her mother died and soon afterwards she passed the examinmation for the Godspoken. At 16, Qing-jao accepts Si Wang-mu as her Secret Maid and student. Eventually Starways Congress gives her the task of finding out about the Lusitania Fleet's disappearance. Later in the book it is discovered that the godspoken have had their intelligence genetically enhanced by the Starways Congress, and have been given the OCD to keep them under control.

Qing-jao was raised to see everything in the world in terms of her faith in the gods and is determined to serve them perfectly. (She is shocked when she finds out from her servant Si Wang-mu that not all the common people are content to have the godspoken rule over them.) Because of this, she is never able to accept that her compulsions are not really caused by the gods, and when all the godspoken are finally cured of their OCD from the descolada, she devotes the rest of her life to performing her rituals in hopes of calling the gods back to her world.


  • Qing-jao originally appeared in the short story Gloriously Bright, which was later expanded into the novel Xenocide.
  • Despite sharing the family name Han, Card has stated that she is not related to the character Han Tzu from Ender's Game. However, this may be contradicted by hints in Shadow Puppets.
  • Han Qing-jao died a few weeks after her 100th birthday


  • Qing-jao is quoted at the beginning of each chapter in the final book in the series, Children of the Mind.


  • "Mother, Father did I do all right?" Xenocide page 592

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