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Colonel Hyrum Graff was put in charge of finding children suitable for Battle School, including Ender Wiggin. Throughout Ender's time at Battle School he watched and monitored Ender's actions. Eventually, he was chosen as the one to lead the invasion fleet, and was taken by Graff to Eros.

Post Battle SchoolEdit

Following Ender's defeat of the buggers, Graff is court martialed for his decisions at the Battle School, with the main case centering on his decision not to interfere with the fight between Ender and Bonzo Madrid. Graff successfully contends in his defense that all of his actions were necessary to ensure that Ender would be able to defeat the buggers, and is acquitted.

Later on, he's given the role of Minister of Colonization, and becomes one of the allies of Peter Wiggin and Bean in their struggles against Achilles de Flandres. He is also portrayed as a much more caring person, and more importantly, a strong advocate in establishing Peter as the true Hegemon over Earth.



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  • Harrison Ford played Hyrum Graff in the Enders Game movie, released the 1st of November 2013.
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  • "I've watched through his eyes, I've listened through his ears, and I tell you he's the one. Or at least as close as we're going to get." --First line of Ender's Game
  • "For a few minutes there, it actually occurred to me to wonder what kind of a man would heal a broken child of some of his hurt, just so he could throw him back into battle again. A little private moral dilemma. Please overlook it. I was tired." --Chapter 10, Ender's Game
  • "Whoever is doing the bad things, that's the bad guy. You're the sheriff, sir, whether people approve of you or not. Do your job." --Chapter 23, Ender's Shadow

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