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Jane is an artificial intelligence living in the Ansible network and is a major character in the Ender Saga.


Warning: Plot or ending details follow

Ender's GameEdit

Initially, Jane was an Aiua called upon by the Buggers to serve as a link between them and Ender Wiggin, in hopes of trying to understand his brain. What they did get out of him was the image of the Mind Game, which they used to tell Ender Wiggin a message at the end of Ender's Game. At the time, this Aiua existed on a single Philotic Ray through space. Eventually, Colonel Graff commissioned for the Mind Game to be reprogrammed to invest for the long term Ender Wiggin's pension. It is in this form that Ender and Jane first meet.

Investment CounselorEdit

In Investment Counselor, Jane appears to Ender, who is working on a computer trying to figure out his financial situation, while just after he has disembarked from flight to Sorelledolce. Initially, he dismisses Jane, but on her second appearance, finally accepts her presence. Meanwhile, Benedetto, a tax man, finds out the true identity of this "Andrew Wiggin" to be the "Andrew Wiggin", Ender the Xenocide. Benedetto proceeds to try to blackmail Ender, but Jane appears, admonishing him against doing it. So instead, Benedetto sends a previously typed essay proving that Ender is in fact, Ender the Xenocide, to which Jane attaches another essay detailing all of his blackmailing schemes, which leads to his imprisonment. Eventually he is killed while in prison, and Ender Wiggin offers to speak at Benedetto's funeral. Later, Ender and Valentine leave Sorelledolce with knowledge of Jane after 10 weeks.

Speaker for the DeadEdit

Jane is first introduced to audiences in the 1986 novel Speaker for the Dead as an Artificial Intelligence that has accompanied now 36 years old Ender Wiggin through out his galactic travels. She is his nearest friend (even nearer than Valentine). She can communicate with Ender through microchip placed in his ear.


  • Reference to physical description, "...Miro turned to the terminal. There was a holo of a woman there. She was small, sitting on a stool, leaning against a holographic wall. She was not beautiful. Not ugly, either. Her face had character. Her eyes were haunting, innocent, sad. Her mouth delicate, about to smile, about to weep. Her clothing seemed veil-like, insubstantial, and yet instead of being provocative, it revealed a sort of innocence, a girlish, small-breasted body, the hands clasped lightly in her lap, her legs childishly parted with the toes pointing inward. She could have been sitting on a teeter-totter in a playground. Or on the edge of her lover's bed." Speaker for the Dead, Ch.18 - The Hive Queen


  • Jane appeared in the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival as part a Kanye West performance there, which was delayed partially due to elaborate state set-up.
  • Jane was created by Buggers to crack into Ender's mind.


  • "I'm the friend and financial adviser you've been wishing for, but I don't work for money, I work for you." First Meetings, Investment Counselor
  • "But I have eyes," she said. "And ears. I see everything in all the Hundred Worlds. I watch the sky through a thousand telescopes. I overhear a trillion conversations every day." She giggled a little. "I'm the best gossip in the universe." (Speaker for the Dead - Ch 18)

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