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The Little Doctor in the Ender's Game movie.

The Molecular Disruption Device, sometimes known as the Molecular Detachment Device, M.D. Device, Doctor Device, or Little Doctor as a play on the acronym, was a powerful weapon capable of destroying a planet. The device was cutting edge, a large step forward from the old nuclear weapons. The device, as described in Ender's Game, was a laser style weapon used to create an atomic state in which electrons cannot be shared. When this happens, the molecule splits into separate atoms, which create a chain reaction in inducing a similar splitting state in surrounding mass. The more massive the target, the greater the firepower of the weapon. Hence, the weapon was generally fired on clusters of starships during the Third Invasion. At the final battle of the Formic Wars, the Doctor Device was aimed at a planet itself, which resulted in the planet's destruction "within three seconds," as the Ender's Game novel describes.

The MD device was also used during the attempted Second Xenocide when Lusitania was ordered to be annihilated by Starways Congress. The weapon, however, did not strike its target, as Jane moved the missile back onboard the firing ship, resulting in its deactivation by one of the crew.

In Ender in Exile, it was revealed that the Molecular Disruption Device utilizes similar technology to what is used for interstellar travel, called "Strong Force Field Dynamics". It was discovered first by the Formics to power ships for interstellar travel, and then the humans made M.D. Device with knowledge of Strong Force Field Dynamics.

Ender's Game (Movie) Edit

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In the film, the Little Doctor was a massive Hadron-collider like machine carried by a large starship. It was said to have cost billions to make. It was required to be charged for a fair amount of time, but when fired at the Formic Homeworld, it created a blast wave that quickly spread across the planet's surface, leaving complete devastation in its wake; a world of fire and magma.

Trivia Edit

  • When Jane moved the MD Device back onto the firing ship, it was quickly deactivated, with one of the crew members noting that "the instructions [for deactivation] are written all over this thing."

Contradictions Edit

In Ender in Exile, Ender speculates at the origins of the Little Doctor, saying we adopted the technology from the Formics, but in The First Formic War Series, (Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, and Earth Awakens) Lem Jukes, the son of the owner of Juke Limited is testing a device known as the Glaser, which has properties almost identical to the M.D. Device.

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