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If you are looking for the genetic clone, see Peter Wiggin II.

Peter Arkady Wiggin I was the eldest child of Theresa and John Paul Wiggin and the sibling of Ender and Valentine. After the Formic Wars, Peter went on to become the Hegemon of Earth. He was the mastermind behind the personas of Locke and Demosthenes.

History Edit

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Peter as HegemonEdit

Following the third Bugger war, the authority of the Hegemon was reduced to being more symbolic than real. Various factions arose to challenge Peter's rule. With Bean's help, however, Peter was eventually able to accumulate enough power to give credible authority to his office. After rescuing Petra and seeing Achilles in Chinese custody, he gets a tip-off from what he is led to believe is Han Tzu concerning the whereabouts of Achilles. Acting on this, Suriyawong is sent to free Achilles and he is quickly put to work in the Hegemony. Though Peter's computer expert Ferreira and John Paul Wiggin were observing his every move, they found nothing. Then Theresa and John Paul get a warning from Bean telling them how Achilles had them fooled. They interpreted this and convince Peter to flee the Hegemony compound. He then goes back to the United States and with moral support from his parents, he denounces Achilles in a press conference. Near the end of Shadow Puppets, he then accompanies Bean to the compound to retrieve Bean's stolen embryos. The confrontation results in Suriyawong's betrayal of Achilles and his death at the hand of Bean. Then, in Shadow of the Giant, Bean helps Peter accomplish his mission in uniting the world under the Hegemony and creating several new countries. Peter starts refunding the colonization program and Bean leaves earth in a personal starship (to save his own life). After Bean went into space he married Bean's previous wife, Petra Delphiki. Late in life, an elderly Peter communicated with Ender via ansible and apologized for his behavior towards him when he was young. Peter asked Ender to write his story, which became part of his second book (after The Hive Queen), The Hegemon.

The great irony of the Wiggin brothers is that originally, Peter was angry and sadistic, consumed by rage at being rejected from Battle School, while Ender was gentler and more compassionate. However, hundreds of years later, history positively remembered Peter Wiggin as a great peacemaker who unified the world during the political chaos that followed the end of the Formic Wars, while Ender was negatively remembered (and often outright reviled) for killing the entire Formic race.


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  • "Ender, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I know how it feels, I'm your brother, I love you." Ender's Game, pg 15
  • "Guaraná? It's my duty as an American to never drink Coke or Pepsi in a country that has an indigenous soft drink. Besides which, I like it." - Shadow of the Giant pg 121
  • "I'm here, Ender." - Shadow of the Giant

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