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Valentine Wiggin
Nicknames Val
Occupation Historian, Writer
Known relatives Ender Wiggin
Peter Wiggin
John Paul Wiggin
Theresa Wiggin
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye color Blue
Hair color Red
Skin color White
Unusual features Unknown
Born 1193 BSC
Died Unknown
Ender's Game
Investment Counselor
Speaker for the Dead
Children of the Mind
Ender in Exile

Valentine Wiggin was Ender Wiggin's sister. Along with her brother Peter Wiggin, Valentine created the pseudonym Demosthenes on The Nets. She often despised her role, but under the guidance of Peter, wrote articles from the controversial Demosthenes, while Peter wrote as the respectful and level-headed Locke.


Early YearsEdit

The second child in the Wiggin family, the International Fleet requested that a girl (later named Valentine) be conceived because they decided that the eldest child, Peter, was too brutal and aggressive to be taken to the Battle School. It was thought that by having a girl, the Wiggin Family genius could still be used, but in a more humane person. However, the girl was too empathiaway in Battle School, Peter convinced Valentine to work with him. As young children, they wrote manipulating political commentary under pseudonyms, Valentine as "Demosthenes" and Peter as Locke. Demosthenes became augh Valentine felt like she was manipulating Peter as well. This came to a conflict when Valentine locked him out of the Demosthenes accounts.

Space Flight With Ender and JaktEdit

After Ender's victory over the Buggers, Valentine forced Peter to let her go off to space because Peter prevented Ender from coming back to Earth. Valentine still wrote with her Demosthenes identity, but instead of being paranoid, she wrote about histories of different cultures on different planets, and in addition, she also applied some concepts to all humankind. Under the Demosthenes pseudonym, Valentine developed the 4-tiered Hierarchy of Foreignness.

After the equivalent of thousands of years of real time, far less because she was so often traveling in relativistic time with Ender, she fell in love with, and married, Jakt on the planet Trondheim. 22 years later, she went to Lusitania to help her brother help the Pequeninos. There, she was re-created as Young Val, when Ender went Outside. Young Val later served as a physical incarnation of Jane, and was married to Miro.

She is two years younger than Peter and two years older than Ender. However, the relativistic effects of interstellar travel render moot the question of how old she is in comparison to Ender or Peter.


  • "All the stories are fictions. What matters is which fiction you believe." Children of the Mind

Trivia Edit

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  • Potrayed by Little Miss Sunshine actress Abigail Breslin

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